Membership serves four primary purposes:

(1) It gives you “ownership” and a greater “commitment” to the work of the local church.
(2) It gives you the opportunity to be a part of the decision making process as we work together for a positive ministry
(3) It gives you the opportunity to serve in the church in a position of leadership that benefits both yourself and the local body of believers. And
(4) It provides a means of accountability for both the church and the member.

Qualifications for membership at Community Bible Fellowship:

  • Believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Be baptized as a Christian
  • Be committed to Christian growth
  • Be committed to giving Jesus Christ your time, talent and treasure
  • Be supportive of our Church and in agreement with CBF’s doctrinal statement and bylaws
  • Be faithful in attendance and participation

Membership process:

  • Submit an application and written testimony of your personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior to one of the pastors or elders.
  • Desire to live a life separated from sinful habits of the flesh and worldliness.
  • Evidence a burden for those without Jesus Christ as Savior and desire to be used to share the Gospel.
  • Be in agreement with the Statement of Faith, agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of CBF, and have signed the “Church Membership Agreement” (Appendix A of the Constitution and By-laws of CBF).
  • Confirm that you have been baptized as a believer.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to one another and to God by consistently giving of your time talents and financial support to the ministry of the Church.
  • Meet with a pastor and/or an elder to review the above areas, and upon a positive vote by the Church body, be accepted into membership.